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Bed bugs control kolkata: Advanced technologies, picture perfect solution

Bed bugs are nefarious and they get on your nerves when they tend to play hide and seek with you especially when you are trying to sleep at night after a day's hard work. But not more sweats. If you have bugs in your bed, we have the technology at Sera Pest Management Pvt Ltd to bust them.

We have a beneficial framework of bed bug services and our solutions are slated to find a cure to your acute bed bug problems. Here's a teaser of the most distinguished traits of bed bugs control kolkata which we flawlessly entail at Sera Pest Management Pvt Ltd.

Flawless inspection of the venue

Before we even get started, we prefer to get a close view of the place where we are supposed to work. Thus, we pay a quick visit to the venue which might be your office or your house. We understand the situation in the first place, get a hang of the bed bug issues and then we devise a strategy which would offer you a quick respite. We will specifically lay a great deal of stress on proper inspection because it will yield the desired results and let us control or destroy the bed bugs for good.

We follow a proper plan of action

Our approach to a particular project of bed bug removal would actually stand for a silent promise that we tend to share with each of our clients. We would prefer to turn your home into a safe and cozy haven by letting you ditch the nettlesome bed bug issues.

Our action steps would be quite simple when we spearhead pest control for bed bugs in kolkata. Our actual plan of action for bed bug removal would incorporate the following aspects

  • We will make a strong effort to figure out the hiding areas of the bed bugs, for example under the bed, frames of the bed, crevices as well as cracks etc.
  • We will thoroughly check the bedding.
  • Once done, we will treat the clothing so that we can destroy the eggs of the bed bugs.
  • We will definitely use a hot dryer because it happens to be an instrumental force in this process.
  • We will also ensure that we are going to use techniques such as thorough vacuuming.
  • Our experts will treat the upholstered furniture and floors as well so that the treatment becomes a wholesome one.

The use of effective traps

If you delve deeper into the wide spectrum of bed bug control services in Kolkata, you will be able to figure that traps such as interceptor traps would work great. We have trained personnel who are aware of various forms of traps that would lay a siege on the bed bugs. We have been working in this field for years. Thus, we have full knowledge to use these traps in the most effective fashion.

We are here to serve you in a cost-effective manner with a bevy of pest control for bed bugs in kolkata. So, from now on no more bug problems in your life. We have you covered in this.

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