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About Sera Pest Management Pvt. Ltd.

The reputation of SERA Pest Management Pvt Ltd has a staunch standing when it is all about high precision pest management services. You can count on us as dedicated technicians who know their job well. Pest management solutions are like second nature to us and we will carry an operation out flawlessly.

Since inception, we have combined the best safety features to offer a streamlined and wholesome pest management process to our ensemble clientele. We blend advanced technologies with an intensely responsible approach. Serving you sans any complications is a top priority to us.

Meet our visionary CEO

Mr. Rathin Baisya dons the prestigious appellation of the CEO of our company. He is a postgraduate in agriculture and he has successfully furnished leadership roles in divergent pan India pest control companies for a whopping time span of more than 30 years.

Under his leadership, we have evolved and have been able to provide intricate pest control services as well as allied technologies to alleviate pest predicament. What is crucial about his credentials is the fact that he is adorned with certifications of importance such as AQIS, AIBM & CFTRI etc. At work, we are inspired by his enigma and acumen levels.

Proactive, proficient and impactful pest control solutions

We tend to offer eco-friendly solutions to protect your family and assets. Here are some facets you need to know About Sera Pest Management Pvt. Ltd. kolkata:

We genuinely strive to morph our passion into streamlined pest management solutions. We are into catering the most streamlined pest management solutions. We understand the system well and maintain enviable precision. We are known for the excellence, exceptional perseverance and top-notch quality which we bring at work.

You can always trust the quintessentially eminent service repertoire which we bring to the forefront with an unmistakable and bespoke panache. As we prefer to administer only organic pesticides, we can control pests sans any damage to your family and important assets.

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